Will There Ever Be?

I'm scared that we will never be

Anymore than what we are

Stuck here in a timeless riddle

Knowing we might have gone too far

This is where you say goodbye

No, that is definitely what I said

But do you even understand

We may never have a life ahead

You are someone huge to me

A big part of my current life

But every now and then of course

My mom's got that grief and strife

Over you our fights are not

I wish I could make you see

Apart of you is what I wish

But do you think that will ever be

I do not want to hide you

And I'm not at every chance I get

But you're waiting on me and my family here

And I don't know what else to set

Today, tomorrow, next week at most

I wish to be with you every day

But will we ever be as one

I really don't know what else to say

I'm sorry

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