Future Husband


Dear Future husband, I’m in no rush to meet you 
For I believe, Patience is truly a virtue
And I know if God has created someone especially for me 
That waiting for what’s in store for us , is the best way  to be
Although we’ve never met, I can already see why ill fall madly in love
For after all I’ll go through , you’ll persuade me to believe that romance can be as pure as a dove
I’m a very difficult woman, of course when you find me , you’ll eventually figure this out
But yet with all my flaws, you’ll still try and see what being my “man” is all about
So In advance I’d like to thank you…..
Thank you for taking the time to open up my eyes and remove all the doubts I have in trusting someone
For all the gloom rainy days ill have but with one kiss suddenly feel like I see the rise of the sun
Thank you for Seeing me at my worst, and helping me reach my best
For the many days I may feel insecure but reassure me that I Am the rhythm to the heart beat in your chest
And I know things wont be all smiles, I know things with us wont be perfect
But thank you, for never making me feel like being with you isn’t worth it
For trying to avoid each fight I may start until you eventually reply and burst out the door,
Grab your car keys, but never make it past the driveway because you’d know leaving would hurt me more
Thank you  for every  “I love you”  in all the languages your frequently exploring…….
For the trail of  rose pedals  sporadically I’d follow till catching you burn breakfast in the morning
For The many times I come home from my long day, and your hands are waiting to embrace my shoulders
For always opening your arms for me to snuggle up under when the world feels colder
For making me feel like every kiss is for the first time
…. For the times when looking into your eyes,  literally feel as though we are  one
Because when I see you, I see me 
Intertwined your my roots, you’re my branches , you’re my leaves….you’re my TREE.
I thank you, for having all the other options in other girls, but choosing to make me feel like “the only girl in the world”
Thank you for being a pure example, that miracle can happen,
Thank you for loving me unconditionally,
But most importantly, for possessing all the things my past mistakes lacked in
So  till the day we meet. I’ll secretly fantasize about the future man in my life
Yours truly,
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