The Night Stars Cry Her Name

The Night stars cry her name,

They shout, “Look! Beauty! There she dances, amongst us the bright stars she prances, leaving a wake of light!”

“Oh, what beauty there is! Oh, what twinkle she bears in her eyes! We are jealous of her glory; the way she brightens the night!”

“Look us; we are but dim and dark in her presence! Observe how she waltz’s through the heavens! She wears Venus on her bosom and love on her brow— her hair is like whips a fire, her eyes as burning gems; she has stolen princes and swayed kings, armed armies and smiled their peace.

“Yes she is Beauty! There is no other woman such so fair! But to her, all lovers must forbear, because she is already taken: not by hand or sword neither by capitulation nor force, but from the cry of another's heart.”

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