To the Downcast

When you get up in the morning
And stare in the mirror
Do not become saddened
From that mere complexion;
Know that beauty hides
Behind that sometimes discouraged reflection

Understand, that a sea of treasures lie—untouched
A well of confidence--flows--beneath self-doubt’s penetrable crust.
Listen, do you hear?
In the cannals of your broken spirit
A dormant volcano wakes—destined to erupt.

Indeed, greatness does wait to be unbound
He paces in your mind,
Behind a door of disconsolate thoughts
Banging on the entrance—impatiently wanting to be unlocked.

So I tell you, do not wallow in a swamp of muck
Or stumble upon a ditch and refuse to get up;
You are stronger then you think, more competent then you trust.
So trust in the one you know best
For he or she can withstand any test
And it is no matter if you fail or pass, I just pray you, never to give up.

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