Father and Son

A man and his kid, kicked out on the streets with no place to live,
No family left accept for the one the other had,
The father had no job and his son was crying and scared but the dad said there is no need for tears; because he would soon make everything better.
The son loved his dad and believed everything he said and stopped his crying and that night feel asleep in his father’s arms feeling safe and content.
The next day the father went looking for a job and his son came with him, his dad was a hard worker so he quickly found one.
He would work on the docks while his son would wait and watch from a far off, and this happened for a week; until something tragic happened.
Death came at such an untimely manner.
His son was left alone, poor and tattered from all the nights spent out on the street, with barley any money to spend from his dad’s job because they spent what little he made on food to eat.
The company denied it ever happening, consumed by their greed and money, they paid off the men to say nothing.
The son with no one left decided to rejoin his dad.

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