The Silent Struggle

Something took hold that hated night

and never let go

Something readched out to me

and ripped me below

Something whispered to me

the easy way out

The darkness told me

with out a doubt

"The love you felt became your toture.

Yet whenever was this life worth living?

Fall into me and forget your pain

You love your life?  Who are you kidding?

Life is hell and all you need

is to let go so you can be freed."

How could I handle this demon

who dwelled within?

How could I live in hell

and pretend that this had never been?

I would never really love or live

Indefinitly hollow

I would never be relieved of this pain

with out being swallowed.

"Falling is the answer," my greif said.

"I am like comfort.  I will wrap around you so you may slumber in my bed."

So I took it's hand and let go of my violence

Waiting for the moment..

Take a deep breath..



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I originally wrote this for my english class but I liked it so much that I decided I would post it.  

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