For the first time in i dont know how long, iv finally been able to be myself.

Iv been putting her on the shelf, keeping her out of fear, out of others views.

I dont want the judgment i dont want the ill words coming to my ears.


I dont have to hide around you, I get to shine, i get to smile with my head held high.

I get to smoke and not feel the judgmental eyes, telling me to slow down.

They dont get the demons i deal with, the voices i hear all day telling me that 

i need to change. THe voices are so loud that not even i can always drown them out.


I get to relax and look into someones eyes, and i know that even when im not always right,

you will help guide me through, and be patient as i learn to walk through the darknesss, but your always here

if i need a helping hand.


Instead of being the boogie man, and telling me to grow up, get over it. Sometimes its not that easy.

You havent walked my path, you dont know the story that isnt told. Sometimes its nice to have someone to have your back,

instead of stabbing you when tables are turned.


Im so glad i no longer feel alone even when they where in the same room.

You actually notice when i walk in with tears in my eyes, you actually create the smile after a bad day.

Im so grateful for the music and beauty that you create.  Thank you for being the breath of fresh air.

Thank you for loving me even when im too much its anoying. Im sorry for the days i cant get up, where

im stuck in time. The past has a way of grabbing hold, im learning to walk past it. the demons cant always win.


Thank you for being so amazing. <3

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my daddy micah. <3 finally get to be myself.

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