I didnt intend this

How did meeting you, drive me this crazy?

Only a day, I fell straight away.


It makes no sense in my head. 

How could this be possible?


Could this be true, could i be falling for you?


Im so confused, I didnt intend to find you.

I didnt intend on feeling again.


Im so lost, but I finally fell found.

I feel like the world has spun round.


Here i am smiling again, because of you. 


Everyday, every night that i see your smiling face,

makes my day feel complete, and perfect.


Your driving me crazy, and i have no words,

I cant explain, this feeling.


You are giving me meaning once again.

Maybe we where ment to meet, when we both needed to.


Could this be something new? 

Who knows, but im going to follow this path down,

and hope it leads to you.





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