earth angel



Earth angels, they walk amoung us everyday.

Only a few of us are special enough for them to touch our lives.


I was blesssed with a walking angel of my very own.

He walked into my life when i was 18months old.

I was young, when God send lets send her one.


He saw i needed some extra love, some extra protection,

some extra comfort. Someone to help guide her, and teach her.


My angel came with a beard, a old t-shirt, and a hat.

He walked into my life with a bag of m&m's in hand, and a empty lap.


He always had a open door policy,   I was always welcome no matter time, or day.

He always had time, he stopped whatever he was doing to make time for me.

He always had my back no matter what I did.


I was very blessed to have you walk into my life.

My earth angel.





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