country boy

This country boy has stolen my heart, from the very start.

He intriged me, so quickly.


I dont know what i was thinking that night.

I rushed to meet you, I couldnt control my thinking.

I made sure everything was perfect. 


It was so crazy, so quickly, so rushed, 

but it was so perfect. I wouldnt change a thing.


Our lust turned to love so fast, god i pray this lasts.

Iv never felt this way before. A million times iv thought it was,

but i was wrong.


Please lord let this be, the magical thing iv been waiting so long for.

Im so scared to say the words aloud, what if someone hears me?

What if it gets taken away, what if its a dream?


Please lord if its a dream, dont ever wake me.

Im so happy, and its been a long time since i could say that.


This man truely enchants me. Drives me crazy.

I dont know how i made it this far w.o him.


This country boy, has stolen my heart. 

I dont ever want it back :)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my love R.M

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