This or that.

This or that,

fake or fact,

which way,

to turn to.



Two differant paths ,

which do i take?

Old or new,

Im so confused.


This or that,

 fake or fact,

Which way do ,

I turn to?


Both have a piece of my heart,

they know they both do.

 I cant have two,

what do i do?


I dont want to hurt them,

but a wise man once said,

your a geshia.

Its what you do.


I dont want to be a geshia,

any longer. I want to be human.

I want to be normal. 


Such a curse, to be beautiful, 

to have so many men who want to be in your life.

When all you want is happiness,

but what path is the right one?


So many men have hurt you, so many times before.

What path do you choose, what path do you take?



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