You think i didnt care?

You think i didnt care? 

I didnt once love you?


How could you?

Could you not see all the good things i did?

How i treated you oh so sweetly?


You think it was fake?

It was a all a lie? 

Thats bullshit.


I held you, when sad.

I loved you even tho you were bad.

I loved you when you where good.


I opened up, you did too.

I told you all the things i never told a soul,

you told me things i could repeat.


Yet i didnt love you? I didnt care?

Sad that you could even think that at all.

I cared for you when you where sick, when you where well.


I held your hand, with a smile on my face,

i never was embarresed, not even for a day.

I was proud to call you my man.


I called you baby, sweetheart, my old man.

You called my your doll, your pumpkin, your old lady.

Yet you couldnt tell, you say i never loved you at all.


You had those nightmares, you slept walked,

I stayed up all night, and kept a eye on you. 

I made sure you where safe, and wherent lost in your head.


I followed you into the rooms, where you fell asleep,

i woke you and brought you back. I delt with the mood swings,

the temper tantrums, the jealousy.


 I loved you anyway, completly. 

But i didnt think we could make this work between us. 

So i said goodbye.  I didnt want to make reality a lie.


I needed to go on my way, and say goodbye.

I wanted to keep you in my life, i wanted to be your friend thorugh it all.

You said goobye, Im sorry i lied. I didnt have the heart to tell you.


well i guess its goodbye my old friend. Hope we meet again.

Be safe. Dont think i didnt care. I did. I loved you once.

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