A Open letter to J, K, T.

Dear J-K-T,


This is a letter to all three of you, I hope you take the time to really read this i mean every word.

Lets start by saying our paths crossed in the strangest way, and i cant say it was ment to or not.

Im not God, i cant awnser that question. But it did, I will forever  be indirectly be in your lives, with

one connecting factor, my son. Your brother.  I am young, I am trying to build a better life for him,

and trying to make one for myself and find my way the best I can today. It isnt the way you guys where raised,

not the way you all did, but I am doing the best I can today. My son is everything to me, I dont know if words can

even be put into place to explain properly but I will try.  Jared Is my first born, but still will always be my baby boy.

Life for him, will be differant, not what i immagined for him. But I will make it my best for him. I want him to expirence

everything in life just the same, I want him to grow, and play, to find things he likes, and does, to learn, and be the smart 

little boy that he is. I want him to florish, and fail, its apart of growing up. I want him to make friends, and find who his real ones

are. I want him to go to school, and make something of him self, and to find his passions. I want to stand by him in everything that he

wants in this life. I am his mother. You guys dont know me that well, and thats my fault when I was in your life, it was all built on lies.

I did care for you father when we where togeather, it wasnt what it should have been though, we loved, and we fought.  He was a good man,

I cared for him and took care of him, and your grandmother. I also loved her very much, i still do. But i was young, and I finally saw my relationship with your dad wasnt healthy.  I wish i would have done alot of things differantly.  Im sorry for the way i left, the way things ended.

I cant fix that now though. But Lets talk the future now.  I know you have your worries, about how the future with Jared will play out. One day your dad will leave us behind, ( God forbid not for a long time) .  But I want you to know your relationship with Jared will be protected always. 

I want nothing more then you three to be in is life. You are his siblings, his best friends, his family. I will never take that from him, or from you.

I know what its like to have family taken away from you, i lost out on so many family members because my parents wherent on speaking terms with them, it was a horrible punishment. I never got to meet one of my grandmothers, till she died, because of a family fight that lasted way to long. That will not ever happen. It can not.  Regardless on how we personally feel about each other, Jared cant be punished for that. I will never speak ill of any of you, I will always allow you to be apart of his life, and I hope you always will be. If you want him to be with you for the holidays, or vacations, or your going to be in town, talk to me, lets arrange something, Ill let him come to VA, or where ever you are, for a few days, a week, part of the summer ext..  I want the best for him, and the best is for his siblings to be in his life, as they always have been. This wonderful little boy, will grow to be such a amazing man. I want you all to be apart of that.  I know how much he loves and adores all of you.  I know how much you love him too, Jared is my world, he is everything i fight for.  I love him with all of my being.  I will not keep you from him, no matter what. 

I feel this letter needed to be written, I hope you will believe me.  Thank you for being such amazing siblings, family members, and friends to my son. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being in his life, and being here to help raise him.  Please . continue.  Help me show him, how to be such a strong, loving, caring, little boy, and how to be a strong, loving, caring, man.  


Sincerally, -E

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