Do you see a pretty face?

When you look at me, what do you see?


Do you see this pretty face? what do you see behind it?

Is it real, or is it a mask? Can you awnser me that today?


Can you tell what is truth, what is fake? You think you know me, do you?


Do you see these hazel eyes, staring back at you?  Do you see the pain, do you see the pleasure?

Do you see the stories they tell ? Do you notice how well they hide my life?


Do you see the pretty lips, the ones most guys want to kiss? 

The ones covered in red?  Do you know the speak such beautful words,

do you also know they can slay you like a dragon?


Do you see how easy it is for me to take your soul, Im used to evil,

it knows me so well. It takes me apart, piece by piece, so why not use it to defend me?


Year after year, day after day, the users steal so much energy, so much strength,

so much love, and effort from me, i cant breath, i cant eat, i cant stand to live another day.


So why not finally defend me? Take back what belongs to me.


You want to steal from me, you want to lie, you want to hurt me, 

Ill use my powers back tend fold. 


That pretty face, can convince you of anything, can make you believe her like a wild dream,

it also can rip everything away.


Those hazel eyes, can blink innacently and draw you in like bees to honey,

they also can stare into your soul, and take what makes you whole.


These red lips, can trap you, make the room spin, and cast a spell on you, making you fall in love,

or they can steal your breath away, take your soul. 


I can be good or i can be evil, you can choose how you want to play.

Im done being hurt by all these players, i know how to win this game.


Lets play. I know how to cheat, either way im going to win .


So again when you look at me, what do you see?



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