Sick and tired of listening to other peoples words.

Who are you to judge me? Think you know me, who are you to critique me?


Are you a saint? Are you a angel ?

Are you flying in heavon? IF not then dont act like you know my hell.


You havent danced with my demons. You havent heard there screams.

You havent felt the flame against your face, you havent seen the burns.


Sick and tired of the judgement from the almighty ones.

When was the last time you tried to get to know me?


Im done living my life for others, im going to be me even it it kills me.

Im ready to let my light shine, and let the real me free, even it scares the ones around me.


Im going to smoke , im going to drink, im going to fuck who ever i want.

I dont care if you like them or not, its my pussy not yours. 


what i do behind closed doors, isnt your buiness, so maybe you should butt out.

Get the hell out, let me be. Im finally free, im fianlly gonna be me.


Again who are you to judge me? Im not looking at you, so stop glaring me down.

Let me smile and live my life the way  i want, i havent planned it, but that ok.


Im gonna live my life anyway.


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