10 years ago.

10 years ago we parted ways,

10 years ago our love never went away.


our love is still here today, its still going strong.

We never said goobye, we said so long. 

We cant stay away from the other, no matter how hard we try.


We have lived seperate lives, we have stayed away, dated other people,

but none of that matters, our love still stayed.


I dont love you the way i loved you then, 10 years ago is a long time.

I love you for who you are now, and for who you where then. 

I love you deep from my soul, my heart still belongs to you.


10 years ago, we fell so hard for each other, could stay away,

we lost our innacence to each other, we talked about marriage, and babys.

Said one day, we cant wait to spend our lives togeather.


here we are 10 years ago talking again, wanting the same things again.

I love you, and you love me. Take my hand and lets run away from the mess.

Take me far away from here, take me to wonderland, and lets get lost.


Fall down that rabbit hole, get lost in time, lets not stare at the clock,

lets enjoy the rest of our lives. Time is not important, as long as i have you.


I love you jp. 

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