We arent 14 anymore



We arent 14 and 16 anymore, that is long gone.

But the love we had for each other, never faded away.

We never said goobye, we said ill see you later.



Here we are almost 10 years later,  

years have passed us by, time has taken its toll,

but finally we are ready for each other.


TIme to show the world, what true love really means.

To you and me its the magic that we always felt since the day we layed eyes on each other.

Its the way we cant say goodbye, we always come back to each other one way or another.


You are the perfect man for me, but when you left me behind so many years ago,

it put a fear of god into my very soul, and i was to afraid to let you back in, every time you tried.

I kept going off and finding other guys. 


But i fianlly see past all the madness, i can finally see clearly,

your the man i have been madly in love with since the day you met me.

You have been the only one who can love me for who i really am.


Nobody understands us, and thats just fine by me, they can sit there and wonder, and get lost for a eternity.

I dont care if they judge us, or talk behind our backs, cause baby i have been waiting for this , and there is no turning back.

I love you with all of my very being, and i know you love me too, and baby its going to be a good life for the two of us.


Take my hand, and ill take yours, stand up tall and stand your ground, fight these battles, win these wars,  

we can do anything we set our minds to, i promise you baby, im not gonna loose you again, once was hard enough for me.

I love you darling, your my world.

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