Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy, 



This letter isnt to my father, it isnt to my dad. Its to my daddy, the man who I absolutly love and adore. 

The man who didnt help create me, the man who adopted me as his own.  The man who raised me day by day,

along side my parents who didnt want a thing to do with me. But he did, he wanted everything to do with me.

Daddy, thank you for raising me, thank you for coming to every meeting at school, every karate day,  packing me lunch,

helping me with homework, teaching me how to spell because.  Lets go back further, thank you for potty training me, reading

to me at night, cuddling me, teaching me to walk on my two feet.  Thank you for teaching me not to lie, teaching me that being

honest is better even it it hurts, teaching me to love others with all of me, because they may not know how to love themselfs, 

teaching me to stand strong to fight for what i want, teaching me its ok to cry but only for 5 mintues a day, teaching me to keep walking,

one step at a time, thank you for teaching me. Thank you for loving me, day by day, showing me affection, tenderness, caring, and love.

Thank you for loving a little girl, who didnt have anyone to love her. Thank you for never letting her go a day without feeling that love,

never letting her go a day without being told you where proud of her, thank you for always being here for her.  You are the man i call my daddy, 

in my heart you are my daddy. You have stood beside me in every dream, every struggle, every late night talk. You have loved me through

every mistake, every bad day, every disapointment, and never loved me any less. You have never judged me, even if you didnt agree.

You have always listened with all of your intrest, loved with all of your heart, helped me with every question and never struggled to find me a awnser or a solution. You have dropped everything when i needed you. I would have never got to feel these things, if it wasnt for you.

So thank you daddy, for being the best man to ever walk into my life.   I love you more then words can ever say, and more then you will ever understand. You have been my hero, my best friend, and my daddy. 


Thank you. 


Love always, Your daughter from another father,

Your Shorty.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my Uncle Don, Thank you for everything. I love you.

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Your Uncle is truly blessed

Your Uncle is truly blessed by this write.


peace peace