Spin me round

Spin me round and round,

with each kiss, letting me get lost again.


Feeling like a kid, im falling in love.

If this is what happiness is, i dont ever want to be found.


Let me stay in this mindless escape.

Its peaceful, and quiet here.


Im in a trance,  a spell was cast.

Im seeing stars, and im spinning.


Your touch, your smell, your smile,

takes my breath away. Makes me forget every bad day.


You drive me wild, you give me a million smiles,

and im here to say, im falling in love today.


Please god let this stay, i have waited so long for this.

I deserve this, peace in my heart, the flutter is back.


Dont ever let this go, it feels so good to have someone to love me,

and not just lust after me. Someone actually wants me.


I dont ever want to loose this feeling, its the best i have ever felt,

my brain, is finally at speed with my heart, i may have found something good here.



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