who knows?

 When i was a little girl

all i could dream of was getting married, and have children running around in the yard.


food cooking on the stove, a cake in the oven, flowers growing, and a man to stand beside me.


Everyone else had there sights a little higher, goals wherent as simple as mine.


I was just desperate to find someone to love me,  Someone to be kind, to finally show me the love i deserve.


I started looking for love in all the wrong places, the darkness found me so easily.


I was addicted to men like my daddy, pretending like they would change, that they loved me.


Lying to myself, never changed a thing, never got my dream come true, just a 2 and half year curse.


Tired of starting over, and pretending this queen will ever find her king, I gave up.


I then met you in a unexpected place, i wasnt looking for you, but yet there you where.


Standing in front of me , with this smile, and empty arms. 


Holding out a heart, that never got to see love,  asking if i would show it some.


I was hesitate, i was scared, could i dare to try again?


You looked me in the eyes, and promised you wherent like the rest.


And i could tell, this sweet man before me, wasnt like any man i have ever met before.


Sweet and kind, loyal and honest. Warm, and friendly, nerdy and strange.


Sweeping me off my feet , into your arms. I fell in love.


I took your heart, and i gave you mine, and said lets see where it goes.


who knows?



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