Is this my fairy tale?

I used to read all these stories about love at first sight,

Romantic fairy tales, I never believed they where for me.

But I loved to read them anyway, and spend my days dreaming,

About the perfect man for me. Wishing I could find my happily ever after.

Time after time, I would try again, and find the wrong man, who wasn’t for me.

Searching for love in all the wrong places, never knowing when the Mr. Right would come around the corner.



Which is exactly what you did, you walked around the corner, and smiled right at me,

Saying hello. Me being shy didn’t know what to say, so I smiled back.

It was with a touch of your hand, a smile on your face, the sparkle in your eyes,

That I fell in love so easily. 


It felt like every story book I ever read, I suddenly felt that excitement,  that spark,

That I have been searching for. I felt the butterflies in my belly, I couldn’t stop smiling 

Every time I saw you.


Every day I couldn’t keep myself from you, I was addicted to you.

I was falling so quickly, and I couldn’t stop myself.


More and more time spent, I got swept up in your words,

Your actions, all of the love you showed me. 

I couldn’t keep myself away from you, I needed you, like I needed air to breath.


Finally my fairy tale, was coming true,

My story book was opened, page one, Once upon a time…

I get my chance at true love, as cheesy as it sounds, 

I finally found my man.


I can’t wait to fill each page with new story, and adventures,

Year by year, day by day, a life built by us, and a love shared by two.

I love you. 

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