Never give up

Tomarrows a new day

Lets spend every day like its our last.

And every tomorrow like its a new chance,

To make it work. 


Lets never give up on this love. I want to spend every day next to you, and love you forever.


Even when I’m angry, even when I’m sad, I promise to love you through it all.


TO see past all of it, and remember whats In my heart. 

I don’t want to ever waste another day without you in it.

No point in fighting, it takes away a day where I can’t see you smile or laugh.

I have spent enough days in my life over fighting, and being sad, I don’t want to waste another day.


Not when I have you in my life, and your the best thing I have ever seen. Dont waste a day with me.

Love me through it all and I promise you ill be right beside you no matter how good, or how bad the day. Ill be loyal and stand next to you, and keep us strong. I love you

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