I can see.

My eyes have been opened I can finally see again.

The truth has been exposed, my mind can finally see past my heart.

Im ready for this fresh start, a new begining  for me and my family.


My kids deserve a stronger mommy, time for me to grow and blossom.

No more following your rules, im making my own, making my own path.

No longer listening to your lies, im calling your bullshit. 


TIme for me to shine, im going to rise,  

time to make that money, hustle and grind,

for me and mine, time to go back to school, 

there are lots of things for me to learn.


I have wasted enough days on you, im ready to spend all the time on me.

TIme to make a home, and fill it with all the memories and love that i have waited for.

Take my time, and make a life fit for a queen. TIme for me to re build my castle.


I have two princes and a queen to care for, and I can finally see.


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