4 da ladiez

i see how you grown

from once a little girl

to adolescences

now caught up

in its daily pressures

and frustrations

your friends new affilations

entering in a gang transformation

no longer playing with dolls

but now with knifes

and semi automatics

thinking they run the streets

constantly causing panic

beating rivals onto

the cold concrete

bleeding from multiple gunshots

that's just another day

in the life of a chola

stories of 10 year olds

jumped into la vida

now stuck with their new familia

sporting their rags

now into the street drugs

parties don't stop

multiple sex partners

this is the life of a young mexican

girl trying to survive in this modern

societies have noway out of reality

still stuck in the gang psychology

slowly corrupting their life as time turns

no longer interested in education

drop out early most becoming mothers

by the age of thirteen

rubbing off their habits

into their own children

some don't even make it to fifteen

gun-down by brutal ways

their sisters enraged by revenge

the bloody cycle never ends

being a young girl is defiantly hard

but that's the price you pay

for letting yourself slip into a gang

to the little ones out there

know this it is your own free will

and yours alone

do not let someone else tell you

what to do

do not walk down this route

of never-ending pain and regret

be somebody special in life

instead shot dead too early

before your time

know that someone out there

really does care

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