F*ck Friends

can you hear me screaming

on top of my lungs

i want to tell you

how much hatred has erupt

from deep within my heart

i used to be a middle school kid

knuckle headed always getting

into trouble never regretting

the consequences of my actions

but who never stood there

when i got caught

they quickly pointed the finger at me

who? my so called friends

i always bailed them out

for no reason just remorse

always gave them cash

when their pockets were empty

did everything possible

as a good friend

and still got fucked over

now heading up the ladder

to high school

walking this van horn hallways

trying to make new friends

didn't even realize that most

will be double crossing snakes

did the same bullshit

i did before and guess what

same shit happen as before

fucking me over and over again

and my dumbass never gave up

on anybody always goodhearted

but that just made me more retarded

until my drop out days

i raned away thought everyday

why do i take this fools in

and yet they keep on

stabbing me in the back

i finally gave up on friendship

never made a single friend

ever again... fuck em

i ain't spending my time

getting double cross

like the females i dated

all my life

fuck friends fuck everybody

i rather be alone and die alone

don't need anybody by my-side

just me myself and i

cuz i know i am a good person

with a good heart

and i don't need no fake

taking advantage of that

i sometimes wonder why

i was born in this fucked up world

cuz i am so damn different

than anybody else

caring too much is my weakness

but to me its a sickness

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