women are a beautiful rose

with many thorns

all inficting upon your heart and soul

they take you in

pretending that you are in love

but the deeper your in it

the deeper their control

you stare at the mirror

and all you see is her

she brainwashed you

and now you are her slave

and its all cuz of her

but than she ingores you

and stops seeing you

she finally figured out your

deepest fears

and knows your deepest


she dissapears

never to be seen again

you find out later

that she had another man

on the side

and you was just a puppet

in her twisted game

yet your cry every night

holding on to your pillow tight

as this continues to happen

even your closest friends

that are girls

do your wrong

when you need some support

they are long gone

you fall into your own grave

and your ashamed of woman

you took in every type

and with in a secode

they leave your side

woman are like vampires

that prey on your heart

and leave you lifeless

confused and half dead

i seen so many in my life

and yet i havent found

one who is true

and desires not to hurt me

i only dare to care

and show love

not pain or gloves

similar to black widows

sittin alone

waiting for the book to close

woman are unfaithful

even if they dont want to admit it

its in their nature

2,000 girls later

i have learned my lesson

you come first

till my final days

i will live alone

in a empty home

and when i die

i will bury far away

the only grave

in a empty cemetery

where i will be buried

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