lil girl dont cry

dry your eye

keep looking

towards the sky

times of genocide

suicide homicide

people dying

due to stupity

in reality

it is us who we killing

i drive through my streets

lil girls barely 13

throwing up sets

getting beat on the

hard concrete

never realizing

their future

never seeing 14

because they always

end up in a funeral

mothers tears fall

their babygirl

now in the hands of God

how it sickens me

they never listen

to reason

i walked into a house

seeing a young girl

shoot up meth

as her best friend

has sex with a guy

who is 26

but thats there life

not mine

because after all the

years i tried

to change their mind

they wouldnt listen

3 girls found dead

sisters who died


all because of the

hood they claim

instead of finishing

school and attending


they lost there

childhood years

wasting it away

on drugs alcohol and guns

one girl walked up to me

barely 15 telling me

what hood i claim

herself throwing up west side

barely could stand

because she was walking

on her cain asked her

why she said replied

last year i was shot

yet she hasnt learned her


guessin about life as she

goes on

how it hurts inside

to see my youth waste away

in gang activity

and senseless fantasies

i seen girls as young as 10

becoming pregnant

raising a child when she is only

one herself

without any help

she struggles

for both to be fed

i helped as much as i could

she had everything to lose

her babydaddy nowhere

to be found

20 years old took away

a girls life in a instant

this is serious

why do you girls DO this

to yourselves

never realising the consequences

of your actions

on the hood blasting

taggin on enemy fences

court cases juvi hall

and you still wonder

why we call you sluts

hoodrats and hoes

only a real woman

we be smart enough

to walk the right path

instead of headin out

trying to get some ass

you think you have no sense

of belongness in this world

mija listen im here for you

but you need to stop dissing

i care deeply

please stop before its too late

before you end up another statistic

another lil girl missing

laying in a coffin

wondering is it all worth it

you yourself can make it all stop

i love yall like a sister

i just dont want to see another

mother asking for assistences

i pray to God hoping

some of you will listen

this is to all you single

mothers gang banging party like

no tomorrow females

who cant get their hands straight

just dont think about yourselves

think about your family

your friends everyone who

will be affected if something

bad happens to you

i know i am only one man

but alone i hope to make

a differences in my community

not allowing anymore girls

live in misery

so i hope you get the picture

love you all i will never

forget yall still here for yall

so keep your head up

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