suicidal tensions

aint got no damn patiences

sitting here waiting for the


i cant resist

seeing enemies disintegrate

i cant wait

till i make it

climbing this endless walls

with great force of gravitation

looking through the shadows

arming for battle

with the demons i dismantle

hoping to win the title

lonelyness is my greatest fear

no homies they all disapeared

not what they appear

hopeless souls jealous peers

is this my final frontier

the damage in my heart

remains severe

aint noway to repair what

has being done

now the man that i becomed

a changed individual

no longer original

staring at the end of barrel

waiting for the bullet to travel

my life struggles

i was never humble

God never gave me directions

stuck on every intercetion

looking for the right location

trusting no woman

cuz they all done me wrong

gotta remain strong

no place i can call home

where i belong

but still in this cold world

thank you for wasting 1 min long

listening to my pain

my life wasting away

like a grain of sand

sadness is too much to carry

as im buried

i wanna be remember

till times forever

for my poetry

dark yet reality

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