Walkin on my last breath

i walk through the darkness

of life worst days

as i relate to those that died in vain

to my homies dont be ashamed

i died for what i believed in

not for what i cant contained

inside this mind i fear my own

self with no reason for help

lost figting my demons

everyone telling me my life

is meaningless

as i embarce on a path

nobody by my side

with my life barely in my grasp

i hold my pain deep inside

who will be there

at the end of this journey

i will never know

will it be my angel

im being waitin for so long

but for now i must keep walking

on my last breath

eventhough i can barely walk

on my own two legs

i must keep searching

till the end

must not let the elements

keep me from my goal

cuz destiny can never be controled

let its fixed and solid like a stone

this will be my story

and someday it will be told

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