Spending Christmas Alone

the 21st christmas in my life

yet nobody by my side

no presents for me to unwrap

just lonelyness in my heart

i spend all my holidays alone

but who remembers me

i am lonely mizzery

my family dont pay attention to me

my friends abondend me

its just me and only me

i never had a good christmas

never have evered recieved a gift

it seems i dont even exist

this year my only wish

was to be with my daughter

but how if she is far

and her mother dont have

a caring heart

im a failure

i dont deserve to live


my heart is tored

i have suffered

my soul is deepest black

my heart has the deepest cut

who am i to judge

im just a mistake to all

there all waiting for me to fall

i wish i had friends

to spend the holidays with

but yet this christmas

im spending it alone

my heart long gone

my life nearly destroyed

i will spend it out in the cold

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