A Demon's Own Domain

Lover's Lane

in his mind he is the king

in her mind she is his love

the eyes can't see the pain they bring

the heart sees what their love is made of

they sink into their own misery

he is the ruler

the king

in her heart she only wants to be happy

she is the lover

the queen

he is blinded by his lust

she can see through his soul

he loves what he can't be

all she touches turns beautiful

he only believes what he can see

the wickness in his heart

the hopefullness in her sprit

the darkness that could never tear them apart

a light that shines through it

he is a demon

she is the angel

the good she could only see in him

the everlasting love

a feeling many dream of

he adorns the crown upon his head

she adorns her feelings on her sleeve

she believes that the love is not dead

he can see there is only little time and she will leave

in his eyes he can now only see red

in her heart their love she will always believe

he just wants her to spread her wings

but she could never leave

a broken heart never sings

she could only greve

if he only knew all the pain he brings

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