Howling wind
rattles your forgotten cages
Pulsing rain
beat tattoos into my brain
lightning strike
illuminate broken cadence
thunder scream
off slickened roads I careen
The tides now are rising
gale forces steal you away
never again trying
to fight the storm this day
to a baleful God you pray
Blood cascade
Spiteful blade made of slate
reds and greys
loving form you berate
through skin you pry
fall out the light
flaming vortex of doom you create
sucking down torrential pours
saturate seething sores
with salty concoctions
razor wind flight plan
fill the womb of my mind with rotting spores
dragging to the left
bloated body floats downriver
eyesight is cleft
to gates of hell soul's delivered
I'm nothing now
slave to the cycle
never-ending similarity
twixt lord and tyrant
we fly
through the eye of the storm
gazing on
melting face forlorn
sobbing at the windowpane
dimensional gate
look into heaven and spurn its wonder
dragons breath tears you asunder
swollen skull rests on my plate
tempest consumes it all.
rain begins to stall.

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