Broken bottles on the floor; I dont love you anymore
You laughed and called me a liar
More fuel for the pyre; you care not
Loving the smoke that snakes around my throat
And grins into the night
Gleeful child sickly sight
Crashing glass a harmonious symphony
Reminds me of her sagging skeleton, tethered to the wind
Skipping record ebbing thoughts
Broken armour iron wrought, holding back convulsing soul
A sunken ship is beautiful
You hid me form the world, yet expected me to love
What I wasn't allowed to see
Speckled dome screwing tighter, shafted sunlit streams
crushing me to cream
spread to zest your food, make use of me
otherwise I'll rot away, growing sour day by day
till I brittle and blow away
you refuse
I'm your instrument of chaos
Teaching me to kill, fulfil my purpose
waiting so very long, she comes to rescue me
I see the trap, mouth wired shut
bleeding heart and shattered bones
sustain me till you steal her throne
throw me away
yet she loves me, knows your only weakness
caged heart writing wild
breaking free my only child
unlimited love
Hand of ice lies to my right, inferno to the left
together gushing fountain
spewing blood to sate your lies
drink it all, take some more
drink me dry, expunge my core
antidote existential sores
now I love you, hateful horde.
O shadowlark, bewail to me your song of silence.
Ill listen forever.

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