Hey, heres a song by that one guy

Is your body my stars or the heavens vaporous

Is actualization the bars or the clamor quite traitorous

was the cat in the box or Shrodinger doppelgangerous

does anything ever make sense?

If I wish upon your eyes so answers absolve

questions that arose in the throes of psychosis

does the fallen rejoice when autoflagellic phrases

Were jokes that made her wince?

A braided steel cable, electrons elated

hell, I think Im neutronic

the adhesive inside that cracks and flakes dry

hell, I think Im moronic

Is your love of the sun or the light melanomic

are my pasts coalesced in a future draconic

would these rhymes better serve as a catchphrase ebonic

is irony your favored pet?

Is I wish upon your fingers do mine find true purpose

bastoins of power that starve under siege

does the fallen exalt when endgames began

in the wondrous moment we met?

A half-life in quarters, emmisions ensconced

hell, I think Im inert

A pairing of charges, I think we repel

Hell, I wish I was curt

Is yor power of mountains or are the parables told

nothing but stories passed down to the old

if the peaks shake and tremble, what of the gold

for which we ruin your temple?

If I wish upon your bones, do mine regenerate

and find mutations within in which theories abound

though inside the truth whispers an answer Ive seen

can it really be oh so simple?

A gravitational fetter, an aided abetter

hell, I think Im in space

the mass quantified, a wan grin belied

hell, I dont ask for your grace

Is your sleep of the seas or was he never quelled

is my future degraded as the liar rebelled

should I love insomnia or fall under your spell

am I of wool or am I of fang?

If I wish upon your spirit do miracles pour

from your storerhouse of wonder enthralled by the thunder

does the fire burn eternal or is it forever

does knowing the difference make me so strange?

An oxidzed shell, I think Im in hell

heaven, I hope he resides

If the rain cleanses pure, give me the cure

heaven, Ill see her in time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im back?

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