Eclectic Blanket

Would you find it weird if I shaved off my beard

in the clutches of a deep biting winter

wrapped in the embrace of the blank depths of space

my tether to the singularity splintered

yet I draw forth the power of a nation devoured

skirting endless pools of black water

that will cause my gift to short, bring me back to the court

where I got away with murdering my father.

For it was my defection that allowed my resurrection

into a universe of running ink paintings

and the epitaph reading, if not quite decieving

turned the firing squads bullets to spankings.

Do these words tease your synapse? Have I achieved proper relapse?

Delving into nightmares chaotic

if I die drenched in sweat I pray martrydom is beget

by my ham-fisted attempt at erudite phonics.

Now the voices are gone and the fate they have spawned

languishment in cinderblock cells unlocked

is preferable to the alternative, where lifes more often spurned than gives

a chance on destinies great iron door mocked.

Would you find it odd if I told you my god

whispered imploringly to to commit my atrocity

then you wont be the first confused by my curse

though your numbers still dwindle to paucity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

its good to be back.

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