A Better Name For Crimson

If red means bad

I hope youre not mad

that I ruined the fad

of being fashionably sad

a halt of the senses

dismantling defenses

refusing to accept consequences

for swinging for fences

liquid veins turning solid

obscene gestures making squalid

mockeries of the fallen

who'd yet to be balded

by times disconcertion

breaking lost prayers assertions

to a vile enigmatic person

whose reviewed too many curses

for giving breath to the terrible

severing ties to the mairtal

who again ride the carousel

and claim their next is inseperable

from the agony corrupting

a virgin used to fuckery

for the coinage of the lucky

who describe him as plucky

but the concious mind deigns

that theres only dregs of the pain

reserved for the plain

who call it insane

to take a chance for notoriety

instead of a home full of piety

and whose children so quietly

hate themselves in spite of thee

and will burn your testament

before they have a chance to question it

spilling the oil for blessing it

ruining lines full of messy shit

that rivals young Wordsworth

in a calvacade of light mirth

before he sliced away at the mental girth

that housed all his stolen hurt,

If green breaks fetters

I'll keep penning these letters

till I find a path better

suited for weak-memoried debtors.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

so long. So many rhymes

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