Wheat or Meat?

The primeval nature of eternal youth

forgetting a path that left you aloof

refusing to take part in bloody war dances

claiming youre a herald of civilized advances.

A cane and a glove lie in your stilted

timeline of tapestral schisms so quilted

by crones lying blind in darkened caves

forging a future in which you deign to be brave

by eschewing qualities that tie you to throngs

that lie cheat and steal to slink along

roads rife with highwaymens glinting swords

where ships of escape lie moored in fjords

that give birth to legends caught in a screen

by men better used to rely on pipe dreams

calling their lineage unsurpassed victors

whose limelights warp and stutter and flicker

eventually falling prey to the black

from which insnaitys razor sharp claws retract

feigning a role in which it can save

the people who scarred their brethren as slaves.

A forever sight in the passing of deaths

claimed by pride,by fear,by meth

architecht of a future born bleak

a time when intelligence slaughters the meek

for the father that they never dared to seek.

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