I wish to know you

yet I'm afraid this

shadow wreathed heart will

disobey the wishes of your grace

for you smite my paltry

dreams with a wave of your

mighty hand, denoting my role

of indentured servitude

from which Ill never be freed

for my payment burns to unreconciled

ashes and flutters away on

a balmy breeze blown by the trumpets

that herald your arrival as

emperor of all I will never know

yet dare to discern through the

lighted sighs, blinding and colder

than the infinite reaches of your

starry kingdom, populated with

those whose imaginations died

before they had a chance to know

that thier mother never wished

to carry thier succubal thoughts

that will bleed her bosom dry

for thier eyes are clouded by hate

you said you never would allow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

struggling with the infinite. Someone help!

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