Purposeful Mistakes

I know why you killed him

for he fell in love

with wild abandon and scathing tears

with a nigger woman

whose sultry lips and swaying hips

sung cacauphonous lullabies to

an enraptured audience whose pale eyes

had never beheld such

a wondrous sight and could only

partake in the sharing of legend

of her mysterious tradgedies.

The jealousy stole your ragged soul

warping the mind once pegged

as the advent of rambling genius

who would never be understood

yet always appreciated where

you lost two decades of fame

renouncing your lack of faith

for a second shot at suicide

ny broken teeth stained yellow

with the venom coursing through you

that could save lives if properly utilized

but instead snuffed a promising candle

with numbed and calloused fingers

strumming away at her skin

a secret of the dark.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for ashes mayhem. I wonder if yall know what Im talkin bout.

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