Rampant use of semicolons


But I'm going to try anyway

and most likely fail

yet at least give testament

and meaning to the gravest

of mistakes that put

you there far too early.

The billowing wake of your words

opaque and deadly as the night

through which I plummet without

a plumaged wing to spread

and naught but a splintered

fibula to save myself with

as the obelisk watches and

counts this planet as lost.

Our saving grace has perished

scrabbling fingers stealing his crown

woven with fragrant lemongrass

that refuses to grow within

mental fields in a record-breaking

draught of useful meanderings

that could quench my thirst

for pointed steel and gnashing smiles

that shows Ill never really learn

what hard work portends.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the past hurts. As does the present; state gave a game away today!

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