Spirit Animal

Possibly were little else

but beasts of the untamed

panorama of this farce

cuttroat and deadly as

the forever night that

plagues the tattered psyche

of the dweller within

the clutches of infirmity.

We strut and preen

in our coats of flea ridden

furs with mottled skin

that belies our inner beauty

trapped in a glass cage

whose edges are razor sharp

and we never think to fear.

So we dream that we can talk

and commune uselessly with

those who push our coagulated

blood to spite their rivals

whove but a wish to

thier name as emperor

of thier uncouth creations

whose deplorable shrieks of mercy

are echoed by the growls

of a tightened leather collar.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for ashes anthropormorphic

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