Why do we have so many names for poop?

Im back with a vengeance

feelin peachy, hope youre splendid

losing my damaged soul

to the red ones demented

legions of fiery fighters

the mental acumen blighters

when this anthem is over

youll empty all your lighters

Im wasting uncounted time

spitting broken heathen rhymes

wriggling through sodden fields

and encrusted with grime

the all say Im a loser

but in the paint Im a bruiser

spending all my pilfered cash

on ugly midnight cruisers

my music runs chromatic

and dissolves into languid static

Ill never lead the world

'less I slay the democratic

future flees my tenuous grasp

bitter winds steal a gasp

for the world still wont change

when I mutter and clasp

hands better suited for writing trash.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

took a lil break. feeling confused

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