Accosted By Awesome

forever aint long enough to break your will

youre over the mountain but under the hill

buried in a living grave

you still wont tell me if youve been saved

One day soon I'll read your story

if you lost your mind for a bit of glory

memories of a day so gory

youll laugh until your eyes are hoary

talent rushing through your veins

written love of power arcane

painted moon hangs in black

you claim against you odds are stacked

youre my champion, youre my friend

until the bloody, bitter end

when I'm free I'll reminisce

of a life I'll never miss

a man who lives in ambiguity

a man unmatched in creative acuity

a man who teases strings with phlanges

a man whose name is beautiful in kanji

youve got a crooked, winners smile

parlaying lies all the while

your dreams of staying here beguiles

the one who wishes to steal your style.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about my friend/bass player. Meet a diverse group here

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