Inappropriate Rap

Yo dey flock to the cock

I dont jerk off in a sock

keep the biddies down on lock

I'm a genius, call me Spock

yo your dreams are so myopic

and your will is microscopic

I hate you all, I'm misanthropic

got fat cash I'm philanthropic

superfluous is the word

that when Im drunk is slurred

Gods wrath truly incurred

when I'm blazin on the myrrh

Im a psycho, Im a hood

rap like me? You wish you could

life so dead, misunderstood

get her fienin for the wood

my futures lookin bright

cuz Im higher than a kite

yo girl is my delight

so I revel in your spite

I be beatin yo girl drum

while Im sippin on some rum

forgotten is the tune I hum

while tearing down your slum.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A rap thats inappropriate. Its trash, but I think its appropriately silly

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