The drifting aroma

of firework life

is as delicate

and beautiful as

the one who

captured my heart

with a beguiling

smile and demure

wink of jade

eyes so trusting.

We recline in

a verdant meadow

namong the explosions

of color and

mystery as if

this spinning rock

is claimed by

us and us

alone; for when

winter draws near

the picture we

painted of intertwined

fingers and the

petals of grace

will remind us

that love will

return with force

born anew by

the song of spring

lilting and calling

like the memory

of the blazing

hearth where we

first met and

penned careless letters

about how my

flower before me

is brighter and bolder

than all of the

prarie soon to

be rendered to dust.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for ashes wildflowers


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