Where yo curly moustache at?

back to the well, just for a spell

utilizing lines already worn

toss in a dime, waste useless time

earning my compatriots scorn.

Watch as it sinks, tears on the brink

soflty thumbing velvety pages

clouds steal the light, hoard it for spite

I pray to best all the sages

who find my rhymes weak, a clutter of speech

far too stange and depressing

I wish they were wrong, rip the hell out the bong

walk in on unrequited loves undressing.

So I'll try it again, give nonsense a spin

pretending I evoke thoughts anew

yet I know its rehashed, yet will not see the cash

Eiffel touched when he described worlds as blue.

They say rock is dead, been shot in the head

by artsy liars with ukeleles

I'll keep my double pedal, wreck with the metal

wreath my head with rotten daisies.

Back to the water, run red with slaughter

a fool soon parts with his money

imprison a wish with your silence, read yearnings for violence

spoke with tongues smooth as honey.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

no self esteem to be had

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