Shattered Memories

Tales of bloody battles

crossing languid arms

as the truth of what

my conscriptors aimed to keep

hidden from prescient sight

and failed as they incurred

the wrath of my fathers blade.

My mother always said

they'd run away the pretty ones

wo'd surmise my appetite

for harrowing danger and fear

were not worth the risk

of skinny dipping in the firey

lake that is lit by strokes

of harmless heat lighteneing.

Yet I wear them proudly anyway

as a testament to the realms of

foolishness I took the time

to brave and ultimately die within

for one of these days, perhaps soon

the whirling blades will find

the depths of my bated breath

and I'll only leave behind

a slash on the skin

of the few that will miss me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for ashes scar.

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