Chocolate Milk

I remember a time

when your love was mine

I'd yet to learn pains definition.

The days were so long

dragging on in their songs

second thoughts never garnered contrition.

Our voices were sweet

I frolicked in peat

lost in a whirlwind of wonder

I never glimpsed the day

that fateful evening in May

when our hearts were all torn asunder.

We played sexy games

spoke of warriors on plains

pretending our swords contained magic

I my sleep I dared not dream

of skinflicks obscene

a life once beautiful turned tragic.

I remember a life

before all the strife

full to the brim with promise

I'm not sure if I'll know

If I'll reap what I sowed

when I killed devoid of all malice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for ashes innocence

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