A silhouetted sun sleeps in twilight,
unveiling the panoramic grandeur of melding oppositions.
An encompassing blanket of soft silver
melts the sharpened edge of night's blade
cutting broken whispers with its deluge of memories.
Millennias of visions have been ingrained within this seam
whose cataracts only display more beautiful glories
as infinity reaches them one wink at a time,
wiping away tears with its stardust vortexes
enriching hopes with their whimsical shimmers
calling so softly for a second chance
such longings dissolve into the night
absorbed by the thankful design
as promised beauty is reborn again come morning light
suns soulful fire burning bright.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

collab with Astral. Took a bit of mental gymnastics to pull off. Hope yall like

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