The moon has exploded

destroyed so the nights are silent

and oppressive as the blanket

of cold stars that turn away

from the plight of thier brother

who has lost his only love.

Silver pieces rain from the sky

glowing with thier lost light

slipping through the barriers

they said were made to protect us

yet in the sad reality

we learn they were only concocted

to keep us in tighter boxes.

The broken glass of stardust

reflects our horrid stares

as we touch what was never

meant to be known by the gravity bound

and we learn that our dreams

to reach what we could never feel

were unbased as a child

who believed thier presents were magic.

The sun has imploded

destroyed so the days are lost

and expansive as the air

through which his lover fell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for ashes shards. I didnt do it right.

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